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Success Webmasters Hosting

Success Webmasters Hosting is born out of an idea to make the life online with your web site easier with more advanced tools to a reasonable price.

These tools and software's has so far only been available for bigger companies with large IT-budgets. With the growing of the Open Source movement and the fact that Open Source software has become more stable, reliable and secure; we realized that we could fulfil our idea.

Success Webmasters Hosting and Success Webmasters Open Source Demos were founded to fill a niche within the hosting industry. The mission is to make it easier for regular people and companies to create and maintain their web sites and to help them benefit from using Open Source software systems.

There are a lot of benefits in using Open Source software systems. Depending what software you use and what your purpose is, some of the benefits are:

  • You can easily update and maintain your web site yourself.
  • You get a more advanced and professional web site.
  • Your web site gets more visitors and you get more business.
  • You save money since Open Source software is free.

By using Open Source software the life online with managing your web site not only become easier, you will also save money and are able to make more money with a more professional web site.

Success Webmasters Hosting are dedicated to the use of Open Source software and to combine different Open Source software systems so you can create the most amazing web sites. We also have a team with skilled people that have worked with different Open Source software's for years. And if that is not enough, we are also a part of the Open Source community and network with skilled developers that are prepared to help you.

Why We Think We Are A Better Alternative

The hosting we provide you with is slightly different from a typical web host. Due to the resource intensive nature of some software, especially CMS, we only place a very limited number of clients per machine. And we also monitor system resources constantly in order to provide adequate speed and responsiveness for you.

A typical web host probably offer an auto installer with which you can install some Open Source software. The auto installer is usually upgraded once or twice per year and contains old - often insecure - software's. And if you want to change the look and feel of your web site with skins/themes or install some modifications, the auto installer can't help you. Then you are back at square one - you have to be a computer geek or find someone who is.

Here at Success Webmasters Hosting we install the Open Source software in your account - manually. And we upgrade the software with new releases and security patches all the time so your web site is secure and always run new, fresh and secure software. And all this for free. It is included in our service.

You also have the possibility to choose skins/themes for your software and we install it for you.

If you need modifications to your software and/or web site we have a skilled and devoted team of professionals ready to help you. If you tell us what you want - we have the resources to create it for you.

Since our beginnings, Success Webmasters Hosting has helped many clients and provided services for many domains. Our tightly focused vision provides us the knowledge and ability to help our clients far beyond the means on the average web host. Our focus is Open Source hosting. People initially choose Success Webmasters Hosting for our extensive knowledge and stay because our excellent service. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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